Favorite product Friday: Baby Body Cloths

ImageWelcome to cold and flu season! Jackson came down with a cold yesterday, and I have been going to work defusing essential oils in his room and giving him orange juice in his cup to help fight it off! But in the meantime, I am loving my anti-bac baby body cloths! I usually use them for bathtime and wiping his face and hands after meals, but the past few days I have been using a couple of them as TISSUES! The cloths are super soft and gentle for baby’s nose. I just get it wet, wipe his runny nose, and rise it well with hot water to keep using. Does this gross you out? Don’t let it! The silver woven within the cloths is proven to be destroying any of the nasty virus, and the weave of the cloth keeps all the germs inside the cloth and not back on Jackson or on my hands. As he plays, I know the cloth is “cleaning itself” to be used again soon! And I don’t have to use a pack of wipes or tissues everyday!

Do you have more questions about Cold and Flu prevention with Norwex? Leave me a comment below or visit http://www.norwex.biz/pws/JenniferMartin3011572/tabs/home.aspx to learn more!


Favorite Product Friday: The Norwex Hair Turban!


What is this, you ask?

It’s the Norwex Hair Turban! THIS is my recently discovered love! I am obsessed with this guy. I always wrap my hair in a towel after my shower, but towels are heavy, flop around, I can’t easy get dressed over it, and it looks like a huge, ridiculous mound on top of my head.

I LOVE the hair turban because it holds all my hair in place after the shower, doesn’t wiggle around, drys my hair 70%, cutting my blow drying time, AND makes my hair feel like it was washed in soft water (soft and silky–this is a big deal to use apartment people)!! Its lightweight so I barely notice it’s there. Plus, since its Anti-Bac, the turban prevents bacteria growth that leads to odor day after day of use! I wash mine once a week, but could probably go even longer!! This is definitely a favorite item!

Favorite Product Friday: Dust Mitt!

dustmittHappy friday, people! This weekend I am highlighting the Norwex Dust Mit. This thing is amazing. Just put it on your hand and walk around your house wiping everything! Instead of pushing dust around, the plush microfiber traps and locks it up into mit. Dust never falls out, and when one side is full, flip it over and use the other side! Its great for blinds, lamps, picture frames, bookshelves, and other furniture that is a weird shape or full of items to clean around. I also used it on our nasty screens the other day: got it wet, wrung it out, and wiped from top to the bottom. Our screens look like new! I love that when finished, I can just take it outside and shake it off! No more bottles of greasy Pledge (which leaves a chemical residue to attract MORE dust to the surface, WHAT?!) and rags, or dusters that just push stuff around into the air!

Norwex also sells a Kids’ Dust Mitt which is perfect for little helpers! And you know how kiddos end up making the house messier when they try to do chores? The dusting mitt is pretty much impossible to mess up because it picks up everything with just a wipe! It’s so easy and fun!

Favorite Products Friday: The Dish Cloth & the Makeup Removal Cloths!

Happy Friday!!…er, Saturday. Tonight I am going to highlight TWO of my favorite Norwex products!

IMG_0083The first is our dish cloth. It is super inexpensive ($7.99) and I use it all the time. The material is made of the same netted mesh that you find on a sponge or shower lufa and it gets super sudsy with a little dish soap. But it also dries really fast to prevent bacterial growth.

I use it to scrub everything before putting it on my dishwasher, but especially dishes or cookware with baked on cheese, egg, or other gunk which would typically get caked on to your sponge indefinitely. Ew. It also is great for wiping up a floured counter top or a doughy surface.

The cloth traps up everything in the holes and rinses completely clean under the faucet. It is amazing. I can’t tell you how much I hated a cheesy sponge. I also can’t tell you how grossed out I was by the bacteria growth and stink that was probably happening in my sponge or fabric dish cloth. The netted dish cloth was my answer!


norwex-Makeup-Removal-ClothMy next favorite Norwex product is the Makeup Removal cloth! These have taken place of my facewash, eye makeup remover, and cotton balls. They remove my makeup with only water, and are “Antibac” (like the Envirocloth) so they remove and break down bacteria and oils from your pores. The makeup cloths are great for people with sensitive skin because they are so soft and nonabrasive.


norwex-Body_PackSome people prefer to use the antibac body cloth for their face instead. It works the same to remove makeup with only water, but with a different weave to exfoliate better. People love the way both cloths make their skin feel, but the body cloth particularly has a lot of success clearing up acne or rashes. The body cloths are a little bigger and can be used to wash your whole body (yes, WITHOUT SOAP), lifting and removing all dirt, oils, and body odors.


Happy Saturday!

Favorite product Friday: The Envirocloth

norwex-antibac-rainbow-packageAs some of you know, I have been on a quest to cut chemicals out of my home! I found Norwex and fell in love. With only microfiber and water I could clean my whole house! Norwex uses fibers that are 1/200th of a human hair and embeds the fibers with silver– revolutionizing the cleaning market! The microfiber takes EVERYTHING off the surface, while the silver goes to work breaking down and suffocating the growth of bacteria! It is amazing.

Today I want to highlight the #1 selling Norwex product: The Envirocloth. The envirocloth can literally clean anything: Your toilet, your kitchen, your oven, your kids’ toys, your kids highchair, your restaurant table/highchair, your dusty living room… the list goes on. While Norwex sells specific types of cloths for different purposes, the enviro is the all-purpose workhorse; it can do it all! And it really does sanitize your surfaces! If you don’t believe me, watch this video, or one like it…there are hundreds on the internet showing the envirocloth sanitizing a counter with raw chicken juice!

Here are some highlights of the envirocloth:

  • One cloth for 17 bucks can cut out hundreds of dollars/year spent on paper towels and chemical cleaners in your home. No more bleach, Pledge, countertop spray, Scubbing Bubbles, or Lysol wipes.
  • The envirocloth lasts up to 500 washings. If you wash once a week, it will last 10 years!
  • Did I mention no more chemical cleaners? This makes for a healthy home! Did you know chemical cleaners, like the Clorox wipes we wipe our childrens’ toys with, leave a chemical residue on surfaces which is not only harmful, but also attracts more bacteria to the surface afterward?
  • But you use vinegar? Did you know that with vinegar you have to spray it and let it sit for 10-15 minutes (same with all chemical cleaners as well)? If you don’t, it does not sanitize. With Norwex microfiber, you just wipe and go.
  • Because the cloth is woven so tightly and the silver is purifying the cloth, germs and bacteria don’t “fall out” as you go from one surface to the next! No cross contamination! Clean your kitchen, and then your bathroom, and so on! Just rinse, ring, and keep cleaning! (Although I do designate one envirocloth to the bathroom only)
  • norwex-basic-package-340x340Use to sanitize, wipe down, scrub, dust, remove carpet stains, and even clean windows and mirrors!! The enviro pairs with our polishing cloth (right) to leave a streak-free, lint-free glass. It can also be used with our enzyme based cleaning paste, bathroom cleaner, descaler, or oven/grill cleaner for specialty jobs.

I love my envirocloths. I can’t tell you how fast cleaning is with them. I don’t have to drag my bucket of cleaning products to the bathroom anymore. I don’t have to worry if the cleaners in my kitchen are getting into Jackson’s food. I can rinse and ring it out and literally use it all week before I wash it again. Simple. Clean.


Happy Friday!

Natural All Purpose spray

20130816-124330.jpgI LOVE counter-top spray. I use it all the time (table, highchair, microwave, counters, sink, floor, you name it!) I used to buy the Method brand Multi-Surface spray, but I started to wonder if it was completely safe for my baby to eat off of and for me to do food prep on. I have been learning more about safe, cost effective, natural cleaning, and since counter-top spray is my #1 cleaner, I decided to create my own using vinegar! Vinegar cuts grease, deodorizes, and kills household bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and other “gram-negative” bacteria. (Gram-negative bacteria can cause infections including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound or surgical site infections, and meningitis.) All in all, vinegar is a great household cleaner (**I haven’t made the switch from bleach to vinegar in my bathroom though…)

Here is my solution:

-Find a large spray bottle (I used an old Method one!)
-Fill 1/4th full with distilled white vinegar (you can use more vinegar if you’re nose can handle it!!)
-Fill 3/4ths full of water
-3-10 drops of tea tree or lavender oil, or fresh squeezed lemon juice!


That’s it! It costs practically nothing, it’s safe enough to drink, and it really kills germs in the process! The only downside I experience is the smell of vinegar, which I typically hate. However, it disappears after a minute or two! Happy cleaning!

homemade baby wipe solution

425.xpngPART 1 OF THE STORY: Recently I have become interested in creating cost-effective and more natural products for my home. It all started with Jack getting a nasty diaper rash. After all of my creams weren’t working, a friend told me to try coconut oil. I have never been one for natural remedies, but I tried it. The rash cleared up after a few applications. I was thrilled that it worked so well, but also that the giant jar–only costing a few dollars– could have so many other household/cooking uses. Plus, it only had one ingredient! I knew exactly what I was putting on my baby! This got me thinking, what other cleaning and baby products can I swap out for a safer, cheaper option…

BG4SnapHangPkg210x283PART 2 OF THE STORY: A month ago I did a cloth diapering trial run by borrowing 6 BumGenius diapers from a friend. I was amazed that each time I used a cloth diaper, I was saving 13 cents from the disposable diaper I would have been using. After seeing how easy it was, and with a lot of encouragement from Kevin, we made the switch. We ordered 13 diapers and it has been going great! However, I noticed that using disposable wipes and cloth diapers weren’t working well together– I would have to separate the dirty wipes from the diaper instead of just bundling them all together. I decided to try cloth wipes. I thought this would be really inconvenient, but it was the opposite! Just as easy as the disposable! After doing the math, I saved about 5 cents every time I used a cloth wipe!

This led me to the question: What do you use to make your dry wipes, wet?

A cloth wipe solution! I researched lots of options and tried the cheapest one! It smells amazing! However, there are a lot of recipes you could try that use different essential oils and more organic ingredients. Completely natural or not, it still feels good to know the 4 ingredients that are used to clean my baby’s skin…


You will need:

-A spray bottle
-1/4c baby wash
-1/4c baby oil
-1-2c water (Solution can be diluted as much as you want, I chose to fill water to the top of my spray bottle)
-3 drops of tea tree oil (or just a splash if your bottle doesn’t have a dropper)- Tea Tree oil smells great and also has anti-fungal properties.

Stir the solution well! You can either spray directly on a dry wipe, or do the pour over method where you put cloth wipes into a wipe warmer/wipe container and pour the solution over the wipes. I do the spray bottle method so I can wash the wipes with the diapers instead of when every wipe is dirty.

I bought a dozen flannel wipes from Cottonbabies.com (which are what I use primarily because they work so well!), but I also use baby washcloths! You can use cut up t-shirts or make your own wipes out of fabric from the fabric store.


I will continue to document my slow journey with natural cleaning and cloth diapering! Its fun learning new things, especially when they save money and provide a safer environment for our families!