One Year with Kevin!

I can’t believe yesterday marked one year of marriage with Kevin! What a great blessing to my life. We have grown so much this year. Moving to Louisville was hard! We left a small church where we were known, to a big city and a big church where we felt lost in the crowd. We left college life and a social life, to the grown up world of bills and budgets and trying to make friends. It was hard and at times we felt like each other’s only friend and biggest enemy at the same time. But God has been so good to us! We have grown more out of our own, selfish worlds, and more united as one team and best friends. I have loved getting to know Kevin better and figuring out how to maneuver through life together. Even though we (mostly I) have resented and distrusted God’s plan for us here many times, He has shown such grace to us in giving us friendships, a sense of family, and ways to use our gifts in Louisville. We have received so much more in this year than God ever ought owe us. I am so thankful.

I love you Kevin! Happy anniversary!