Favorite product Friday: Baby Body Cloths

ImageWelcome to cold and flu season! Jackson came down with a cold yesterday, and I have been going to work defusing essential oils in his room and giving him orange juice in his cup to help fight it off! But in the meantime, I am loving my anti-bac baby body cloths! I usually use them for bathtime and wiping his face and hands after meals, but the past few days I have been using a couple of them as TISSUES! The cloths are super soft and gentle for baby’s nose. I just get it wet, wipe his runny nose, and rise it well with hot water to keep using. Does this gross you out? Don’t let it! The silver woven within the cloths is proven to be destroying any of the nasty virus, and the weave of the cloth keeps all the germs inside the cloth and not back on Jackson or on my hands. As he plays, I know the cloth is “cleaning itself” to be used again soon! And I don’t have to use a pack of wipes or tissues everyday!

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