thanks caroline!

A few weeks ago, I prayed for a vacation. I was really dragging from early mornings at Starbucks and first trimester nausea. All I wanted to do was lay out on the beach! Two days later, Caroline called me and invited me to her condo in Siesta Key, Florida! It was SO relaxing and NICE to be in the sun and spend good time with some favorite friends who I have been missing recently.


Thank you God and Caroline Millard.


Jen & “JacksonNorah”/the baby.






Birthdays & Best Friends

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I got to go home and spend sunday morning with my Oaks church family. That was the best birthday present ever. It’s amazing how I can walk in that sanctuary and immediately feel loved, cared for, and known (for better AND worse) by everyone. It’s like being welcomed into the kingdom of God every time I am with you all. You guys are truly blessed and I missed you.

And to top it all off, all of Kevin and my closest friends went to Chipotle after to celebrate with me! Many even came with cards and gifts! I can’t believe how blessed I feel to have women such as these in my life. They make me laugh, share life with me, and challenge me to keep following Jesus and growing in my knowledge and love for him…all the way from OHIO! It feels like every time I come home, they gather together to remind me how much they love me. You guys make it way too hard for someone to live in another state!!

So to everyone who I saw last week, this sunday, and will see me next weekend– You have blessed me more than you know on what could have been a particularly homesick birthday. I am thankful for every second I get with each of you.