Flashback Friday

it’s a little overdue, but here’s flashback #3:

Excerpts from my first journal as a Christian…

(you can laugh, I read them and laugh all. the. time.)

Day 6 of my "first 30 quiet times" book: Sin is canceled!

First ponderings of election...& thankful that my interpretation of Mark 2 was wrong and that Jesus DOES change who we are!

When I first knew that God was real? hmm...

When my dog died. This entry needed its own entire page apparently...

People always ask me what traumatic event was to follow this entry... I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I've always been afraid of IVs.

Goal: convince 1 kid every 2 days to go to camp. Hof's campaigner crew was serious.

Last page of my first journal! Ready to take that leap of faith!

Even though that first journal was ridiculously funny and contains some odd theological views, I still love it because it captures who I was at 16, trying to follow Jesus. I praise Jesus for continuing that good work. He has been incredibly faithful in my life.


Flashback Friday

One night my senior year, I was followed by the police.

This is what I was doing.

I took some of the freshman girls I was reaching out to and we went to toilet paper our cross country coach’s house. After a job well done, we were leaving the neighborhood when we noticed a police officer following us. I was still 17 and so the four of us were definitely past curfew…not to mention we were technically vandalizing! The police car followed us for ten minutes or so until I finally turned quickly into a neighborhood, into a drive way, and turned off the car. We all ducked. When the police man turned the corner, he drove right by us.

Carlie smuggling a lot of toilet paper - She's about to be a freshman at OU now! Love that girl.

Then, I burst into tears.

I know this isn’t a dramatic story, but it definitely kept me off the streets from that day on! haha

(p.s.  that story was for you, jackie- it was the same one I told last friday at the dudleys! thanks for laughing with me!)

flashback friday.

So, following the trend of lady jamison and with the support of jackie I have been thinking of making a themed day on my blog aaaand after looking through my entire iphoto album out of boredom, I decided to give everyone a little weekly view into the life of high-school-jen.

lets just say, i’ve changed a lot…or maybe I haven’t. You decide.

Flashback #1:

Yep, I was your typical high-school Young Life girl.

Porch Conversations until 3 AM with Caroline Millard.

Doing ministry with Sarah Tidwell, loving Kirby & Slowe.

Lydia, Kohls & Me. 3rd year campers & legitimately still loving the obstacle course.

Without fail, every year of camp I got a picture with the bike summer staff guy...

And, without fail, always got that scenic picture with my boyfriend on dress-up night.