in light of community group tonight…

Here is an picture of what group is NOT. Thought it was hilarious and wanted to share:


sharing the city

It has been nice to have so many visitors the past few weeks. It is fun and comforting for Kevin and I to share our favorite parts of Louisville and catch up with friends. This weekend a whole crew came down and the Sages graciously opened their home so that everyone would have somewhere to sleep! Kevin and I are definitely learning how to be hospitable together and show a good, yet realistic, picture of marriage to our friends. Keep visiting, Church! We love it and are so thankful for your commitment and love for us!

Joy & Community

I really love my community group. Each week we are growing more in our friendship and in fellowship. They challenge me and teach me.  I am so thankful for these women above (Andrea & Dayna are missing from the picture!) They are committed to making our community a family and care deeply for one another.  I am blessed to be spurred on to know Jesus better each week though their love and joy for God and his gospel.

This week we got to celebrate my dear friend Elizabeth Joy.  She got engaged this weekend! I am so excited to be a part of this time in her life. Congratulations Joy!

(and she loves my gluten-free chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. what a great friend!)

Revamping Triad

Welcome to the quad-rad Lauren and Steph!!

At the Oaks, we are passionate about the Gospel. We know that in order to grow in the Gospel and our love for Jesus, we need people to come alongside and help us fight sin in our lives that keeps us from Him.  Christie and I have been in a “di-ad” for about a year, and until now, we have enjoyed our El Burrito Loco dates and the natural conversation about Jesus that we can have.  But we decided that holding on to our comfortable “di-ad” could, in the end, lead to weakened accountability, and we had already begun to see fruit of being “okay” with eachother’s sin.  When our good friends Lauren and Steph expressed desire to be in accountability, we decided to create one big “quad-rad!!” While it can be scary to expose your life and sin to new people, I am excited to see the body of Christ in action within this group. I am excited to be refined and strengthened as God uses them as instruments of healing and encouragement in my life. Pray for the beginnings of the exciting change!