homemade baby wipe solution

425.xpngPART 1 OF THE STORY: Recently I have become interested in creating cost-effective and more natural products for my home. It all started with Jack getting a nasty diaper rash. After all of my creams weren’t working, a friend told me to try coconut oil. I have never been one for natural remedies, but I tried it. The rash cleared up after a few applications. I was thrilled that it worked so well, but also that the giant jar–only costing a few dollars– could have so many other household/cooking uses. Plus, it only had one ingredient! I knew exactly what I was putting on my baby! This got me thinking, what other cleaning and baby products can I swap out for a safer, cheaper option…

BG4SnapHangPkg210x283PART 2 OF THE STORY: A month ago I did a cloth diapering trial run by borrowing 6 BumGenius diapers from a friend. I was amazed that each time I used a cloth diaper, I was saving 13 cents from the disposable diaper I would have been using. After seeing how easy it was, and with a lot of encouragement from Kevin, we made the switch. We ordered 13 diapers and it has been going great! However, I noticed that using disposable wipes and cloth diapers weren’t working well together– I would have to separate the dirty wipes from the diaper instead of just bundling them all together. I decided to try cloth wipes. I thought this would be really inconvenient, but it was the opposite! Just as easy as the disposable! After doing the math, I saved about 5 cents every time I used a cloth wipe!

This led me to the question: What do you use to make your dry wipes, wet?

A cloth wipe solution! I researched lots of options and tried the cheapest one! It smells amazing! However, there are a lot of recipes you could try that use different essential oils and more organic ingredients. Completely natural or not, it still feels good to know the 4 ingredients that are used to clean my baby’s skin…


You will need:

-A spray bottle
-1/4c baby wash
-1/4c baby oil
-1-2c water (Solution can be diluted as much as you want, I chose to fill water to the top of my spray bottle)
-3 drops of tea tree oil (or just a splash if your bottle doesn’t have a dropper)- Tea Tree oil smells great and also has anti-fungal properties.

Stir the solution well! You can either spray directly on a dry wipe, or do the pour over method where you put cloth wipes into a wipe warmer/wipe container and pour the solution over the wipes. I do the spray bottle method so I can wash the wipes with the diapers instead of when every wipe is dirty.

I bought a dozen flannel wipes from Cottonbabies.com (which are what I use primarily because they work so well!), but I also use baby washcloths! You can use cut up t-shirts or make your own wipes out of fabric from the fabric store.


I will continue to document my slow journey with natural cleaning and cloth diapering! Its fun learning new things, especially when they save money and provide a safer environment for our families!