Baby Will update: What week am I again?

31 weeks baby will

It’s so funny being pregnant with number 2, when number 1 is not even 14 months old. With Jackson I was taking pictures every few weeks, writing updates on baby, and anxiously preparing and waiting for him! This time around, I am completely preoccupied with little Jack that I often forget I am pregnant. Except for when I am wrestling Jack to calm down during a tantrum or cleaning poop out of the tub at the end of the day… then I definitely remember I’m pregnant…and tired.

But this pregnancy has flown by. Weeks fade into weeks and it feels like we have had a big event, milestone, or holiday every month! So I will try to write an update on how baby Will and mama are doing, because before I know it, he will be here!

Will is a very active baby; always kicking or stretching his body. I can clearly feel where he is positioned because he is bulging out this way or that. At my last ultrasound (30 weeks), he showed to be very low (like Jack was), and positioned head down for birth. He is also measuring 2 weeks big, which is awesome because it means NOTHING except that I might have a big baby. That’s what every mama wants to hear right?! Other than being BIG, everything looks and sounds great. We were worried about some marginal placenta previa for a while, but the latest u/s showed that the placenta was up out of the way now!


We took this picture at Huber’s farm at 29 weeks.

I am feeling ok. Very tired from Jackson. He is in a super fun toddler stage, but it has also been a trying time. He is exerting his will early on and having frequent melt downs. I try to do something active with him everyday to focus his energy, but the outings and the tantrums are wearing on my body. I do have a lot of time to rest at nights so I am thankful for that! I am also thankful that Jackson has been walking for the past 2 months. He has been doing a fantastic job following me to and from the car, which is helpful when I am carrying in groceries.

We have been working on the letter “B.” We identify it with our bath letters or magnet letters, and say words that start with B. He repeats “baby” and I am trying to help him make the connection between “baby” and my pregnant belly. We also read a book called “Biscuit and the Baby,” and I point to the baby in the pictures and then to my stomach. Who knows if he is figuring it out…but in 2 months there will be a crying newborn entering his world and he will figure it out soon enough!

photo-48I have slowly started nesting. We got a double stroller (which I love!!) and I am asking for a new sling carrier for Christmas. I also pulled out some of my newborn clothes and have started doing some organizing. I don’t plan on focusing on it too much until after Christmas though!

I am, however, very excited for the birth. Over the past 2 years I have gotten really interested in childbirth, and I am even going to be a doula for my friend’s birth any day now! I am bummed that I won’t have Lauren and Darlene to help this time, but I hired an AWESOME doula (she was the instructor of my birth class with Jack and is giving me a super good deal since we have become friends) and my friend Jenny will be there as well to help Kevin.

Keep praying for energy to love Jackson well during this time, but also pray for rest so that I can take care of myself and baby Will.


We can’t wait to hold you and snuggle with you, baby Will! You are already such a gift to our family!


17 weeks!

image-4This time around, my pregnancy has seemed to go a lot quicker. My mind is pretty distracted by Jackson and milestones in his life (walking, first birthday, etc) that the weeks seem to fly by! In 3 short weeks I will get to find out the gender! Most people, including myself, are rooting for a girl, however, my mama instincts say boy. We will see!

I have been feeling pretty good, besides occasional days of nausea or no appetite. I haven’t had a ton of cravings, which is good because our stricter budget doesn’t allow for as many buffalo chicken wraps like last time! One difference between my previous pregnancy is the appearance of varicose veins in my right calf. I have had a constant cramp there since around 6 weeks. I fear that I may have to wear some support hose to help the problem. My stomach is also seeming to be bigger at this point than with Jack, and my regular jeans are getting pretty snug. This week I started feeling movement! I didn’t feel Jackson until 21 weeks, so it was quite a surprise to me!

20130813-201723.jpgAt this point, baby is around 5 ounces and 5 inches (from head to butt). According to, he or she is comparable to a turnip. I don’t have turnips on hand, so Jackson had to settle holding a green bell pepper (the 18 week baby/fruit size). I am working with him on saying “baby,” although he is only 11 months old so I think we have a few developmental milestones to reach before he makes the connection.

Keep praying for us, friends! Pray for Jackson to walk soon so I can have a break from carrying his 23 pound self everywhere we go. Also pray for a healthy ultrasound on Sept. 3rd!

38 weeks!













How did September come so quickly!? In 14 days (give or take a few!) my sweet little “Jackson bird” (Caroline’s name for him) will be here! Because I only work 3 more days TOTAL(!!!) I feel like those 14 days will drag on for a while! But I have been “nesting” like crazy, and my home will be ready for him when he decides to make his arrival. No matter how bad you feel, its amazing how much energy one has to scrub the bathtub at 9 months pregnant! Even though I can feel every slightest movement he makes, and my body feels completely overcrowded, overall I feel great. I have been seeing the chiropractor, which has been doing wonders for the pain I had been experiencing from working at Starbucks. Its also nice to know that I am getting my body lined up to make his decent smoother (hopefully!)





A couple weeks ago, I had my two showers back home. I felt so blessed to have so much love and support surrounding my little family! It is beautiful to see how the Lord provides through my family and friends to assure that Jack will be more than comfortable and perfectly cared for. Kevin and I could never have welcomed him into this world so well on our own. We are so thankful.







Jackson, our bags are packed and the carseat is installed. We finished our birth classes and feel prepared! Your room is finished and all your things are organized. Miss Abbie set up a meal calender so we will have plenty of food, and plenty of visitors. It is ok for you to come whenever you little heart desires! Until then, I will just keep bouncing on that yoga ball and praying for you.

Your Mama Bird.

30 weeks

I can’t believe I only have 10 weeks to go! I hope these last 2 months don’t go by too slowly because I am getting excited! At my last appointment, my doctor said Baby Jack is growing right on track. He also is in perfect “fetal position” for birth! According to BabyCenter, he is a little over 3 lbs and about 17 inches long! I am so glad he is scrunched up into a tight little snugly ball, because that would be quite uncomfortable! I often feel him turning over, as his bottom and back rolls from one side of my stomach to the other. As I type this I can see and feel his little feet or hands move around under my skin! #unreal.

I am feeling pretty good! I don’t feel a huge temptation to complain or make Kevin take over all my responsibilities at home, however I do get tired easily! They got me a stool to sit on a work, and my co-workers have been loving it! I plan on working through August…we’ll see if I can make it as this little guy keeps gaining weight!

This was a fun week for Kevin and I! Our nursery is starting to come together: walls painted and the furniture is built. Also, we started our birth class Monday and took a hospital tour on Wednesday. I am growing more and more excited for birth and don’t really fear the pain. It is so good to know that my body will be working for me and that I don’t need to fight against it! I am excited to learn some relaxation techniques and ways to cope with labor. The nurse at Clark Memorial was so great. They seem really supportive of helping you have the kind of birth experience you want and providing you with all the tools you need. I am really excited about the jacuzzi tub that will be in my room!

Pray for us this week as we find out whether or not Kevin got a personal banker position at Chase. He interviewed on Monday, and we should find out by next Friday. It would be such a blessing to our family, but we know that God’s ways are higher than ours and that he is taking care of us. What a great comfort.

23 weeks

I can’t believe I am almost into my 6th month of the pregnancy! Since my last post, Jackson has outgrown the length of a banana, a carrot, and now is almost a foot long! I don’t know how he fits in my belly, but he does! He is also over a pound in weight, which is about the weight of a mango! (So if you hold those a lot, its like your holding baby Jack in your hand!) He is moving a lot and I can feel it more often than before. In the past few days, Kevin has even been able to feel a few kicks, which is fun! I was worried about not feeling him more until now, but since I work at Starbucks everyday, I like to think that he is rocked to sleep more by all that walking and moving I am doing!  Mid-June I will cut back to 20 hours at Starbucks and nanny a few days for a Sojourn family. I am hoping to get a little more time off my feet in the last few months of pregnancy since being a barista means long days of mostly standing and stress.  Lets hope how active I am means an easier labor in the end (fingers crossed!)

According to Baby Center, Jackson looks almost entirely like a little infant! In fact, there is a chance that at this point he could survive outside the womb with medical support! Pretty cool, but scary! I am praying he stays in there cooking a little more! Also he can hear our voices now! So I have been praying over him, playing music for him, and Kevin has been talking to him everyday.

Overall, I am feeling great. It has been nice to be noticeably pregnant, and even strangers get excited for me! I have been learning new ways to workout and later this summer Kevin and I will take our birthing class. In a few weeks, we will join his family on Lake Michigan. I am really looking forward to getting some rest heading into my third trimester!

17 weeks

Today this little guy or girl is 17 weeks old! Being 5 inches long from head to butt (hehe!), BabyCenter says they are the size of a turnip! I am nearing the end of my 4th month right now, so here are some cool developments that have taken place:

  • There has been an increase in amniotic fluid, so my baby likes to move and swim around with lots of space! They say I should be able to feel it moving around, but I can’t really tell what is Baby and what is just gas!
  • He or she can pee, swallow, suck its thumb, and flail its arms and legs around!
  • Fingernails, toenails, eyebrows, and eyelashes are growing!
  • Most of his skeleton has changed from rubbery cartilage to hardened bone.
  • Sensory is developing and he or she can taste and hear!


Obviously I am changing too! Over the last 2 weeks, my belly has gotten significantly bigger! I had to buy a “belly band” to hold up my unbuttoned jeans. Nausea has almost completely subsided, and I am feeling really good! I am craving buffalo chicken and sugary juices, like orange soda and fruit punch. Cutting back on diet coke has been easy- I DO NOT crave that! Weird, huh? I have been walking about 30 minutes or more a day, and because of that, I am right in middle of my weight range for this month–I only gained 5 lbs at my last appointment a week and a half ago! I constantly worry if the baby is OK and if I am eating the right things. I often fear not seeing the baby move at my next appointment on the 23rd. But God is good, and reminding me that He is in control of my baby’s life and development!


At the end of this month, we will be moving into our new apartment! It has 2 bedrooms, a washer & dryer, and I can paint the walls! I am excited to spend the summer working on a little nursery! I hear there are a lot of other young, seminary mommies here, and I hope to build some relationships with them!



All of these gifts come from God. He is the perfect gift-giver.

Happy Easter and happy new life, everyone!