Apartment Therapy!

Kevin has been so great recently in letting me express my “homemaker” side. Since I’ve been a little stir-crazy without a job until the end of the September, he gave me a little home-design money to play with! He’s the best!

Katie told me that in home-design, start with the bedroom and move out. It’s better to work in one room, finish, & then move to another so you don’t get overwhelmed. So that’s what I did! I asked Kevin what he envisioned our bedroom looking like, and he responded, “a white sanctuary” (I am always amazed by his secret fasion-ista side) which is exactly what I wanted our room to feel like too!

I started with creating the “all-white-bed” (if you melt walking into Pottery Barn, you know what I’m talking about). Then I moved to accenting the room with some natural-colored lampshades and a burlap pillow. And my most recent additions: long-while curtains and a white & natural striped headboard. I made the headboard myself-super easy and CHEAP (40 bucks for the whole project)!

So sing along with me “Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary” (like I do every time I walk down the hallway to our room…believe me, with the white curtains blowing in the open windows, it’s a magical thing) and take a tour of our BEDROOM!

1. Go to Lowes and buy a piece of ply-wood and get it cut to the dimensions you desire (mine was 60×29 inches with a queen bed, however, you could go up or down in the height I chose).
2. Buy batting from a fabric store, enough to wrap around the whole piece of wood. I got enough to cover the board with at least 5 inches to wrap around on each side.
3. Staple gun the batting snuggly all around the edges of the batting on the back of the board.
4. Get the fabric of your choice- I got white and natural fabrics (both heavier in texture). Make sure you plan out how much you need. Overall, buy at least (if not more) the same amount of fabric as the batting.
5. I measured out foot-long strips with an inch seam allowance on each side (14 inch strips total) and sewed the pieces together at with a 1-inch seam (always pin the “pretty sides” facing against each other, and the “raw sides” facing out. This way when you open up the fabric, you have your seam on the back and your “pretty” fabric facing toward you.)
6. I was able to measure 5 even strips to cover the front of the board, but also needed fabric to wrap around the board. I did this by sewing on an extra 6 inches on either side to the piece of fabric so that I could staple it down on the back.
7. Lastly, turn the board and unstapled fabric over, and TIGHTLY pull and staple the fabric in place. If you don’t pull really hard, the finished front will look ripple-y.
8. Find a boy-scout, handyman, or husband, and secure it firmly on the wall (ask Kevin how he did this if you’re interested) about 5 inches above the bed.

Tada! Enjoy your 40 dollar DIY headboard and see how it pulls your bedroom together perfectly!


An office for my husband!

Since we moved here I had really been wanting to give Kevin a space of his own– a place where he can study for classes or spend time with Jesus. He was reluctant at first, not wanting me to put a lot of money into the project, but because it meant so much to me to do this for him, he gave in. We brainstormed and improvised a bit and I think we created a really awesome office for him!

So happy studying baby! I hope this space blesses you and spurs you on to know Jesus more deeply. I love you!

(Notice the desk is made by turning 2 bookcases in and placing a plain wooden door from Lowes in-between them, resting on the top shelves. #ghetto.)

(I am especially excited about the giant dry erase board on the wall for all of his practice parsing greek verbs and diagraming greek sentences!)

(Oh and of course, we had to move the kitchen table to the living room which meant I needed to rearrange a bit, but thanks to Allison’s awesome design skills, it turned out great without feeling too cramped!)