Will- 10 months!


And just like THAT you turned 10 months! What? I mean, when Jackson was 10 months I was already printing birthday party invitations…but you!? You still seem like my little baby!!

But you growing so fast! Not sure weight and height this month, but you are wearing (and slightly growing out of) 12-18 month clothes. You are beginning to stand independently and walk behind anything you can push (the ride-on car, grocery cart toy, a trash can…) You are also cruising FAST and can get to Jackson’s toy or snack in no time. Needless to say, Jackson has become very territorial and often pushes you over or screams, “No, Will!” when he sees you making your move. You love Jackson so much regardless and want to do EXACTLY what he is doing.

You have a hard time going to bed with him in the same room. You will lean over the crib and entice him to be disobedient and climb into your crib. You laugh, he gets your paci, its a win for everyone except mommy and daddy. Some nights we have to put you to sleep in the pack n’ play until Jackson is asleep and we can transfer you back into your room. Otherwise you have been sleeping great: Most nights 9pm-8am. You still wake up in the middle of the night or early on occasion, but those nights are becoming farther and fewer between. You also take two naps, 10:30-11:30am and 2-4 or 5pm.

You are eating SO much this month! Last night we went to Chipotle and you literally ate a whole side of corn, side of white rice, and side of black beans. You still love baby food pouches and some solid food favorites are pancakes, carrots, roasted sweet potato chunks, pb&j’s, cheerios, blueberries, macaroni & cheese, meatballs, and Chick-fil-a nuggets/waffle fries! You also surprised me with your ability to drink out of a straw cup, and you try to steal sips of Jackson’s milk often! Now you have your own water cup.

You actually had to drink you breast milk from a straw cup all last week! You weren’t nursing and I wasn’t sure why. You wouldn’t take a bottle either. I thought it could be weaning or teething. Two days later we saw what seemed to be a large scab on the roof of your mouth. Upon further inspection and with a lot of freaking out, we discovered a perfectly-sized googly eye wedged up into your palate. We had to use tweezers to pry it out. It was super traumatic. But luckily you are happily back to nursing and have probably forgotten all about it. And I have been on a mad search to figure out where that googly eye came from…

We love you, Will! You are aware, curious, strong, and happy! You love being around people, especially mommy. It’s a sweet time being your mama, little man!


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