Will- 9 months (a little late)

1621750_2906871837634_7131904158446790886_nWill! You are changing so much and growing into a very loud and mobile little boy! Its still hard for me to believe you are 3 months away from being ONE. Now you are cruising along furniture and eating most anything I put on your tray. You also have 7 teeth! You are very eager to be like Jackson and are only interested in all the toys he is playing with. Currently, your favorite toy is the balloon we got Jack for his birthday. You love to drag it around by its string and yank it around. We went on lots of wagon rides and trips to the park this month. You love swinging! We also transitioned you out of your infant seat and into your convertible seat since you are so long! Clothes are tricky- most of what fits you are toddler-esque shirts and pants. You still move around more easily in onesies, but its hard to find them in the 12-18m size!

You are sleeping 9pm-7am or so. You take a short morning nap and a 2-3 hr afternoon nap. You haven’t been fighting bedtime as much as you were last month and usually you fall asleep without much crying. You are still nursing 6-7 times a day, but also eat 3 meals a day with the rest of us! You love baby food pouches, peas, blueberries, cheerios, cut up pasta, sweet potatoes, apple slices, and muffins. You definitely take after Jackson with having a “snack radar!” Whenever someone is eating, you want some too!

I am excited to see you begin to stand on your own this month, I think you’re so close! I love you, sweet Will!


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