Will- 7 Months!


(Originally written on the 2nd, but we have been without internet!)

Happy 7-month birthday, Will! This month has been so fun with you! You just started crawling and confidently sitting on your own, and you are developing a hunger for more “solid” food than just baby food and mashed up food. You also started sleeping in the same room as your brother, except for during afternoon nap. You have seemed to grow up so much this month! We love your laid back, smiley personality! Everyone who has the opportunity to watch you tells us how easy and sweet you are!

A few milestones:

-Sleep 9pm-7am to eat, then fall back asleep in mommy and daddy’s bed til 8 or so. You roll over onto belly to sleep.

-2 naps ranging from 45 mins to 3 hours. Still training you to extend both naps to over 2 hours. (Still take a 3rd nap occasionally depending on how long the 2nd nap is)

-Loving most baby food flavors and combinations. You also like picking up and gnawing on fruit, vanilla wafers/graham crackers, breads, and corn on the cob!

-Favorite toys: Any of Jackson’s toys! You also love the exersaucer and any toy that makes noise.

-Baths are stressful for Mommy! You can’t sit up in the tub very well, but when you’re laid on your back you flip over and still have trouble remembering to keep your head up.

-Crawling is the new hobby. You love to be on your hands and knees, slowly inching trying to get to your toys. You have also almost learned to sit from that position too.

-Mimi bought you a real crib so that you would have more space! Mommy loves having her room back!

-6-12 month clothes are getting TIGHT!


Can’t wait to be on the move with you this month, Will! Its so fun to witness you grow and learn!


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