Flashback Friday

One night my senior year, I was followed by the police.

This is what I was doing.

I took some of the freshman girls I was reaching out to and we went to toilet paper our cross country coach’s house. After a job well done, we were leaving the neighborhood when we noticed a police officer following us. I was still 17 and so the four of us were definitely past curfew…not to mention we were technically vandalizing! The police car followed us for ten minutes or so until I finally turned quickly into a neighborhood, into a drive way, and turned off the car. We all ducked. When the police man turned the corner, he drove right by us.

Carlie smuggling a lot of toilet paper - She's about to be a freshman at OU now! Love that girl.

Then, I burst into tears.

I know this isn’t a dramatic story, but it definitely kept me off the streets from that day on! haha

(p.s.  that story was for you, jackie- it was the same one I told last friday at the dudleys! thanks for laughing with me!)


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